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The foundation of The Pout has come from exceptional training, talent and true passion. At the heart of what I do, is my dedication to making sure all of my Patients are completely satisfied. I believe in handling business with high morals and outstanding integrity as I am providing treatments with equipment and product that are only FDA approved. All services received at The Pout are guaranteed to be performed with the utmost care and respect to your individual needs and only with medical grade/certified and approved products that are up to date. 
Fully insured and under strict Medical Delegation of overseeing Physician and Nurse Practitioner. 




Aesthetic Injector.


 Fully insured and under strict Medical Delegation of overseeing Physician and Nurse Practitioner. 


I am a well esteemed industry professional with over 18 years of experience in the beauty industry. 

I launched my passion and love for injectables in 2017, I had the opportunity to learn from Kathryn L. Hamilton-Beck one of the industry’s most reputable at Texas Laser and Aesthetics Acedemy. I am also certified through a Award winning Clinic in Europe in Advanced Lip Injections. . 


My passion for skin care combined with my ‘aesthetic eye’ and soft touch—has made me ideally suited to be an excellent cosmetic injector. 


“I see myself as an artist, sculptor with a steady and delicate hand. 

The thing I like best about injecting is the wow effect, to make people feel more beautiful and confident- I love it! The immediate result the patient can appreciate from the treatment chair is amazing. The patient walks out of the office feeling and looking good”. 

When it comes to cosmetic injections - artistry, aesthetic eyes, skill and experience matter so much more than learning just a technique. Because in the hands of an artistic skilled cosmetic injector, you can be confident in knowing you are going to be looking your best. 



Nurse Practitioner 

I am a certified nurse practitioner with a passion for laser hair reduction and aesthetic medicine. I can’t wait to have a medical consultation with you for your next service. 

If you have any Questions, simply reach out, I am happy to help.

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